Hi all,
I've been a long time lurker, even though I signed up way back in 2007. I did plenty of maps for the PRG industry before producing them for my own publishing ventures. I could learn a heck of lot by studying the work you folks do here.The quality of the cartography is astounding. Man, I wish there was a site like this way back in the day when I was running old school D&D and Gamma World three times a week. I bet a lot of material here is showing up on game tables across the world.

At any rate, I do all my maps by hand, either in pencil, ink or hand sculpted using Crayola's model magic and acrylic paint. Theses days I am pretty much a full time indie publisher, author-artist hybrid, pushing The Mutant Epoch RPG and so make maps for ruins, towns, wilderness areas. My most ambitious map project so far has been a large regional PA map over a portion of Mega Los Angeles. There are some detail shots at the link with the map there if your curious.

Anyhow, I am a Canadian living in British Columbia, married, have 4 kids and too many hobbies. Really happy to finally be participating here.