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Thread: Request for a NationStates map

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    Default Request for a NationStates map

    First, let me thank you. I have seen this forum's community work, and I believe you have a brilliant community here. I have seen several map of yours on NationStates, a political simulator. These maps span from National Maps, to sports stadium outlines, to fantasy Roleplay maps. All of them seemed to be of the highest quality. And so, I have two requests for you.

    Request One

    Now, onto the reason I ask your help. As I said above, I am apart of NationStates. I have a nation, named Dutciberg, and have wanted a map, depicting the cities and geography of it. When I joined a region with a map, I chose a small, land-locked region in the north. I need a map for my nation, one showing geography and cities, with realistic quality. The region is geographically beautiful, with mountains on the Northeast, NorthWest, and SouthWest, lakes to the Southeast, and spruce forests with a large snowfall amounts, stretching from the Southwestern lakes all the way up to the Northwest and Southeast. The main cities are Colongue, Havravad, and Dutcinž. Colongue is the capital, near the Southwestern lakes. Havravad is the location of many military bases and goverment buildings, located in the mountains to the Southeast. Dutcinž is the old capital, historical treasure to the Dutciberians, located close to Colongue, but a tad Southwest, along another of the lakes. Here is a map of the region I am in, a political. I am nation number 29:
    Price: $5-45, determining on quality

    Request Two
    My friends were wondering if along with my request for my own nation, if you could make a higher-quality map for the entirety of our region. Our map currently is a rough outline, made in paint. While it does it's function, it leaves much to be desired. In my personal request above, I asked for a geographical map, including cities. This regional map will be lesser quality, more of a political map with borders. However, if you wish to add geography, it would be much appreciated. Below is the current rough outline.

    As you can see, it is very poor quality. You can find more information on the region and the nations inside it here: NationStates ? View topic - Atlas Region Sign-Up (OPEN)
    Price: $5-10, determining on quality

    Thank you in advance, from what I have seen so far, I know it'll be good. If I need to add any more additional information to assist you in completing the request, please tell me. Also, the picture is added twice because it wouldn't fit with the writing otherwise. My apologies.

    My sincerest thanks,

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    Can't contact you without an e-mail address.

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    Ah, sorry, will add that now.

    EDIT: Added, try now.
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    I would like an answer by Friday. A map, if that's what we decide on, can wait until after Christmas.

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