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Thread: Love Maps so I'm here

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    Maps are a critical element in story telling for they are a story in and of themselves. I didn't fully appreciate maps until I started using topos in Army ROTC and in orienteering. Upon receiving my degree in Fine Arts (drawing and painting) I headed off to Infantry Officer's basic training where I really became a worshiper of the topographic map. Perhaps it was my art background but the topo map seemed as clear as a window looking down at the terrain. I was soon teaching other 2LTs how to read the map and perform terrain navigation. I used maps for real first in Mech Infantry and then in Armored Cav.

    I fully understood the importance of maps when determining situational awareness and movement of forces. Now many years later as a disaster planner situational awareness is even more important and maps are still my constant companions. The maps I love the most are the ones that you create to help immerse me in the fantastic books that some of the rest of you write.

    In short, I'm here cause I love maps and honor the creative force of writer and cartographer.

    Bravo 6
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