Hi, after playing our first 4e adventure last week, it was clear to me that both me (DM) and the players need some practice. None of us have played DnD since school - a long time ago, we think the edition was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Therefore I decided to run the short adventure in the back of the Dungeon Masters Guide - Kobold Hall, and integrate it into the overall campaign. I have been mucking about in GIMP trying to throw together the four main rooms so that we can use them this weekend (we use Gametable). This is the first room. It's not meant to be pretty (I just noticed when uploading it that the bevel in the floor tiles is the wrong way round) but functional.



p.s. I know i've added a little bit of corridor but i want the players just to concentrate on the room they are in and by adding the extra corridor means i can "join up" the rooms in gametable as the players get to them