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Thread: Feedback on tiles created for a Sci-Fi game

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    Default Feedback on tiles created for a Sci-Fi game

    My students created a board game this semester, set in a science-fiction world. To help them out, I created the visuals on the tiles. I've got my own personal list of issues with these, but I was curious as to what people on this site would think of them.

    Here's a link to the Google photo album: Science Raid Tiles

    And a couple inlined for quick reference. They're printed as 6" squares, so they actually look better printed then at full computer resolution. Created with Cosmographer 3 from ProFantasy.

    The Core Room which is the target tile to reach:

    A misc. tile:

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    Nicely done. I don't suppose you (they) would show us the rules?

    Are these to be laid out in a varying arrangement ahead of time like a Catan board, or are they added/discovered as you go? I find my current favorite board games all have variable layout or are otherwise different each time played.

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