I have been working on developing a fantasy world that is set on an island much in size and climate to Japan. The island will be roughly 1000 miles (give or take) tall by 300-600 miles wide. These are rough dimensions only.

I found this map some time ago on Deviant Art. The artist specifically granted permission to use it for gaming purposes (this is just for a home brew campaign, and nothing commercial, etc). However, the map itself is quite washed out, and while I am prepared to use it as-is, I'd really like a snazzier one. Asking her to sharpen it resulted in yes, she would, but it would cost. This was years ago, when I couldnt really afford it. Now I can, but she has taken the map down from her page. Ergo, I come to you.

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Why do I like this map? Let me tell you about my world.

Humanity lived in the southern lands where the warmer temperatures (temperate, nothing really tropical) made life nicer, but then through a series of events, the southern lands became overrun with monsters, and people fled north. This map shows a heavier concentration in the north than the south, which I like.

I also need a central mountain range that is high and foreboding, and yes, very snowy. This map clearly shows that.

In Japan, the northwest is the coldest, and the eastern seaboard and northeastern areas will have the most population. When I say "most", we're talking fantasy lands here, so a few hundred thousand at the MOST, island-wide.

I cannot send personal messages yet, but I really admire these maps and these artists here:
geoff_nunn's Album: Maps of the Westerlands

What would I change about the map I already have?

I'd like it to be a lot more vibrant. I want to print this out on a 11" x 17" paper when all is said and done.

I'd like 6 major ruined cities to be depicted in the south, and lots and lots of smaller settlements up north. I dont need anything named - really, I just havent come up with names for much yet, so merely noting them and their trade routes is fine.

I need the land to be "taller" than wider, with harsh terrain like Japan (they have less than 15% arid land, I think. I dont need it THAT stringent, but it should be mountainous and rough going on a lot of it, but classic Japanese beauty as well. You can deviate from the existing map, but keep its general shape. Improve upon it as you like.

What else? Still with me?

I can pay $100 USD, more if needed. Again, this is a homebrewed campaign so I dont need a rush or perfection, but I appreciate good work. I would prefer this to be complete by the end of January 2014 or so, but again, its not a critical rush. Regarding copyright, I certainly dont need any. You are free to use this elsewhere as needed. If you have a name that just HAS to go on the map because it fits, we can discuss this

My contact info is kealios-at--gmail (you know, without the dashes) and I'll try to get enough posts on here to be able to use the PM system.