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    Default copy park maps

    I would like to hire help to make a map. I don't really know what this type of work costs. So, maybe I could get a rough estimate . Thanks

    There are maps of the 70 Minnesota State parks that I would like to combine into one map.


    If you've seen the maps that state parks hand out, that is the style I would like. I would like to be able to add icons.

    Quality & Size

    I would like it for the web - semiprofessional but basic - (except for the extra icons)

    Time Constraints

    No real time limit

    I'm not sure if the maps (created by the state) that are copied from have copyrights.
    I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio and to exploit it for commercial gain.

    Tip: *** You are unlikely to get a cartographer to make your map if you want it done for free but also want to have copyright of the image ***

    Contact Details

    I am a gmailer pjjpic


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    Can you give us a link to online versions of such maps? What my state puts out may be nothing like Minnesota's.

    By 'combine onto one map' do you mean a whole-state map with the main detailing being in the patches of park property? Or do you mean seventy-odd views of the parks, as a patchwork of insets on one sheet? All at the same scale? That might be counterproductive if the extremes are a few city blocks of historic district vs. a broad swath of wilderness. It's for web use, so - zoomable? A reasonable web solution is to have a small-scale state map as a locator, with an image-map overlay that makes it clickable area of interest by area of interest, bringing up separate zoomed-in views.

    Even among state-published park maps I have seen a variety of purposes - some are for hiking, so show trails and topography. Some are road maps to get you from one battlefield monument to another. Some show historical features no longer in existence -- so what are the icons you're planning on adding, and what's your overall purpose for the project?

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