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Thread: Hi, GIMP/Inkscape user looking to improve skills.

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    Default Hi, GIMP/Inkscape user looking to improve skills.


    I've used both Inkscape and GIMP in a casual way for work (to enhance powerpoint presentations with original graphics) but now I'm seeking to level up my skills. I'd like to produce a series of maps for a location sourcebook+adventure I'm writing for digital release to support Monte Cook's Numenera system under the Numenera limited license.

    I've always loved making hand-drawn maps since I was a kid, especially for friends' DnD campaigns. I'd like to move to digital to expand my options and hopefully get better map products.

    With any luck I'll be posting some WIP over the Christmas break.


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    Welcome to the Guild Patrick!

    Well you've come to the right place to hone your skills. There are heaps of helpful tutorials for GIMP, and a few for Inkscape here that will enable you to take your game to the next level. BTW, I've heard really great things about Numenera, though I haven't yet had the opportunity to play it. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be coming up with.


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    I'd love to see some of your hand drawn maps!

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    Thanks guys! My plan is to first do several (2-5) finished maps (some regional, some city, some subterranean) before getting to work on the maps for my game supplement so I can garner feedback and develop a palette for the supplement that helps convey the feeling I'm going for.

    I've posted an old pen and ink map I did a while back in the WIP, and am playing around with it in different tutorials to improve my skills: My hand-drawn maps aren't much by this website's standard though, I'm constantly dazzled by the products of everyone here.

    Again, thanks for the support and I hope to do you guys proud. Failing that, I'll have to save up money to hire some of you!

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