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Thread: Creating a new territory, need some maps! Can you help?

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    Help Creating a new territory, need some maps! Can you help?

    Hello all you talented cartographers! I am in need of some assistance. I have created a territory and am in need of some maps that portray this it. This job will give you a lot of creative freedom. If you're interested, please let me know. I would love to discuss this project in a lot more depth. I will be needing 7 to 10 maps initially. The map sizes will range from 4X5inches to 12X10inches. This project promises to be unique in nature and a lot of fun!

    Filling in some of the details: I've got $250 for this tasking which will be paid via paypal. I will pay in two installments. Midway through the art cycle and at project completion.

    I will need these pieces done (ideally) by mid January.

    The map sizes I will need are listed below. I will need the art rendered with 1" squares, 1" hexes and with no grids.
    Crater Terrain Map (3'X5')
    Scavenger tent (4X5)
    Chieftains domicile (6X6)
    Crumbled Building remains 1 (12X10)
    Crumbled Building remains 2 (10X8 )
    Crumbled Building remains 3 (8X6)
    Crumbled Building remains 4 (6X4)

    Copyright agreement
    Ted Leaman ('I') will have exclusive copyright on the final map, i.e. I will own the map completely. I will own the original digital image (layered .PSD file if able) and can do anything I like with it except for altering it without your permission, breaking it up into separate smaller images etc., and using it in hategroups/illegal activity etc. I can sell the map on to other individuals or companies to use as per this agreement because I have copyright. You cannot use the image or reproduce it without my permission, except for reproduction in your portfolio to show future clients examples of your work.

    If interested, please contact me at ted at tleaman dot com.

    Please feel free to contact me with further questions.
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