Back in 2011 I came here at the recommendation of some people on another forum because I was having trouble fleshing out the maps for the world that I'm building for my book series. I just kind of glanced over the forum and felt like a lot of the maps reminded me of what I would see in a stereotypical fantasy book, and I didn't join.

Now that I'm not such a close-minded ass though, it occurred to me tonight that I should join, and, here I am!

I've just been giving this place some preliminary glances thus far, but what I've seen it honestly a little bit intimidating. I really don't know as much about geography as I thought I did, and I'm really, really technologically behind in this whole game. I just finished drawing the continents for my world on... Microsoft Paint. Yes, I have GIMP, but I'm not really all that technologically savvy and I get frustrated with it a lot.

But yeah, this place looks like it could be TREMENDOUSLY helpful. It's a real shame I didn't join a couple of years ago, because I honestly probably would have been a lot farther than I am in this whole book-writing process if I had (I'm very anal about details, and not having a map has been one of the BIGGEST problems in getting started).

I'm gonna see if I can post a thread with what I have for my map at the moment, wherever the appropriate place is to do that... but uuhh... yeah, I'm pretty excited. This place looks awesome.

Oh, by the way, my name is Nate, or Zirojtan on here. I'm 22 in 21 minutes and I'm from Washington.