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Thread: In Need Of A Capable Cartographer Artist

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    Map In Need Of A Capable Cartographer Artist

    In Need Of A Caple Cartographer Artist

    Greetings Cartographer's Guild and all it's inhabitants,

    My name is Max, I'm 20 years old, I live in Germany, am a student and passionate Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master & Player.

    Half a year ago I started to take a group of adventurer's on a journey through my own medieval, fantasy campaign setting. Now I figured the time has come to actually provide my players
    with an actual illustration of this world I started to imagine.

    After some investigation I was then brought to the Cartographer's Guild, on the hope to find capable artists to portrait one part of the world my party currently ventures, since my skills
    are no good for details and suffice for the mere basics only. Let's say my illustrations were mere serviceable, rather than satisfactory.

    Without further ado I'll hop on the details about this project.


    - I'm commissioning a map that is gonna be a continental map, 2 continents to be precise.


    - A map of a world that I have a rough illustration of, which is neither up to scale, nor a perfect image of what I have envisioned, thus I'm hoping for open plannings together with the artists.
    - Black & White illustration would be acceptable, yet a fully colored one is desirable.


    - Semi Professional.
    - Made with a professional program (Protoshop, etc.), or hand-drawn.

    - Actual payment will be discussed in private, I'll pay via PayPal in $, or preferably €.

    If you decide to take on this project I'll require the following information of you:

    - A Portfolio with all, or at least some of your past works.
    - If agreeable a rough sketch of how you envision letting my world come to live (will provide some information of the world beforehand, naturally).

    You are free to bring forth any questions you might have, and I'm looking forward to future discussions!

    Contact me via E-Mail (, or Skype (Name: Schleicherfreund).
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