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    My first foray into the map making art is not doing too well.

    I have been following the ascension atlas style pdf.

    I'm using CS5.

    I think that it is step 19 that is killing me. It doesn't seem that I am selecting the correct layer, even though the 'correct' layer is the one that the instructions tell me to select, which I am indeed selecting. No matter what I do with the base layer, it will not gradient the continent itself.

    Mildly frustrating.

    On step 8... I don't understand the flow aspect.
    The picture in the example has very defined black and white elements. Using 10% flow I get a faint outline, but nothing like what I see in the example.
    Do I completely fill in the continent with 100% white and the ocean with 100% black?

    Step 21.... no matter what I do, the continent is not effected by the gradient overlay. I do not understand why.

    Step 23.... I cannot hit select > color range after control+clicking base. Its grayed out. :/
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    For higher quality assistance, could you please link to or upload the tutorial here? Also, some screenshots of your interface at the points you're having trouble would be helpful.

    Regarding step 23, something is wrong either in the instructions or your understanding of them. You cannot have two selections active at the same time, so if you've control-clicked a layer, any commands that would create another selection will either replace that selection or be unavailable. My suspicion is that you need to simply click the target layer, then do the color range selection.

    For step 8, I don't know what it is you're trying to do, but I can explain the flow feature. Flow and opacity are related, but they function differently. In short, flow determines how much paint you're putting on the canvas, and opacity determines the actual opacity of that paint. In technical terms, flow controls the opacity on a per-sample basis (applied before the stroke is made) and opacity controls it on a per-stroke basis (applied after the stroke is made). The best way to really understand it is to just play with both features on a blank canvas and see how they differ. Also adjust the spacing control in the brush palette, as that can make the difference clearer.

    In any case, if you have flow at 10%, you won't get sharp definition in your lines—even at their strongest, they'll fade out at the beginning and end of the paint stroke.

    There's not enough information in your other questions to take a stab at answering them, unfortunately.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    The tutorial is right here on this site:

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    Step 8 - The MOST important part to this step is 6.
    Create a new layer Edit > Fill = 50% gray. Set the blend mode to HARD MIX. Emphasis because that's the seriously important part. If you don't do that, or you mess with the opacity instead of using the edit > fill with 50% gray, it will not work right in the next step. It does work, I swear it does, it's how I make mine.

    Step 21 - I'd need more information to troubleshoot it.

    Step 23 - This one, I'm not positive but my best guess is this: Ctrl-Click on the picture of the layer, not the layer itself. If you ctrl-click on the layer, you select a layer that's probably hidden and you can't effect it. ctrl-clicking the picture of the layer. It's important to note that you want the "mountains" layer as the selected layer. This picture will probably explain it a bit better:

    Click image for larger version. 

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