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    My first foray into the map making art is not doing too well.

    I have been following the ascension atlas style pdf.

    I'm using CS5.

    I think that it is step 19 that is killing me. It doesn't seem that I am selecting the correct layer, even though the 'correct' layer is the one that the instructions tell me to select, which I am indeed selecting. No matter what I do with the base layer, it will not gradient the continent itself.

    Mildly frustrating.

    On step 8... I don't understand the flow aspect.
    The picture in the example has very defined black and white elements. Using 10% flow I get a faint outline, but nothing like what I see in the example.
    Do I completely fill in the continent with 100% white and the ocean with 100% black?

    Step 21.... no matter what I do, the continent is not effected by the gradient overlay. I do not understand why.

    Step 23.... I cannot hit select > color range after control+clicking base. Its grayed out. :/
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