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Thread: Using PowerPoint to create crests

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    Default Using PowerPoint to create crests

    Howdy, Guild

    I've found a way to create nice looking crests in PowerPoint and I'd like to share this knowledge with you.
    (Yes, there are ways to produce similar results in Gimp or in Inkscape, but - hey - have you tried convincing your admin at work to install Gimp or Inkscape on your PC? )

    Before reading this tutorial you might walk through the following tutorial:

    Then, following the "Create Crests" tutorial you can get results like this:

    Or you can have them appear different - go creative!

    Anyway, here is the tutorial along with everything you need:

    Kind regards,
    CatZeyeS Headquarters - home of free Print and Play games

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    That is actually pretty good. I did not know that power point was as good with shapes that inkscape or illustrator.

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