Well, hello !

So, it's my first post here, but I was looking around for a long moment now. I've watched a lot of yours, i've learned a lot of you, and, at last, I did something that I do want to show... ! My first one all by myself, from start to end (well, no, actually I took somes brush here and there, and textures too, but... you know... !) I really love doing theses stuffs, map and all, is pretty funny, actually ! So, I want to improve =)

This one was a «do it better» from a paint version with borders and mountain/forests positions that I couldn't change (it is a gift for the DnD GM who played with that world, so I had to stick to the original plan, if I wanted to please him). So yeah, some mountain are pretty weird, too straight, don't fit to any possibility of logistic but... he wasn't a cartographer, anyway =)

So here it is ! Hope I did it well, a little. I kinda like it.

(And please excuse this weird english grammar, i'm speaking french, and I don't have many occasion to write english. I'm sure is pretty awfull. Sorry ! =))

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