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    Wip Not Named World (so far)


    been awhile and posting a new basic map. Hopefully I have learned some stuff from the previous map I did about a year ago. This one is a two continent world and I've only done work on the southern one. From there I worked on one of the nations with regards to cities, roads and labels.
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    A couple of things. First I went ahead of myself and added color to the entire map before really being done with it. I wanted to see how the colors, labels and symbols played off each other. I'm not really happy with how the city and temple symbols came out, seem to be too small. Also some of my trees (forests) have the Sea background instead of the tan land background, I missed them in the initial touch up. My biggest disappointment was the Labels. While I liked the font on the default white background I find that the font at the lesser size is barely readable and some of the letters even at the large size just aren't that great for the color scheme. Also the naming convention for uses a lot of ' too many but after a while I started to like the usage so I stuck with it against logic.

    As always my biggest fear is that I screwed up the rivers. With the scale of the map I wanted only the major river and then its major tributary however I think I got it to follow the path it should. There are a couple of places, were the rivers leave the an unnamed lake and flow to the Sea.

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    Lovely work on this.

    I agree that your symbols are much too small and/or not noticeable enough.

    Also, with the rivers being so wide, the solid black makes them look very overpowering. You could either try redrawing them thinner (if you want to keep the solid black colour), or give them a lighter inner colour with a darker outline.

    The labels are actually the thing I like most about this map! It's a beautiful font, and surprisingly easy to read with it being so fancy, and even despite the fact that they have a strange blur to them that makes my eyes go a bit unfocused. It's kind of hard to tell what's causing looks like you maybe have a faint black dropshadow on them? You could try using a light-coloured dropshadow instead, or get rid of it altogether.

    Your roads and paths seem to be a bit blurry as well. A tiny bit of sharpening should fix that up very quickly.

    Other than that, great job so far! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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    The Labels and Roads are blurry like that because I blurred them on purpose so can actually undo that. It was suppose to come out different but experiments don't always work.

    The rivers I'm going to lighten up because your right the are really are dominant (rivers are always my bane). I was thinking of lightening them up and changing the color to match the seas instead of that dark black, will have to test that. I think, depending on how the color test goes, of simply getting up and close and erasing a side of the river to think it out so I don't need to redraw them.

    Here's the same map black and white. Most of the text is unblurred (the Seas and Temples are blurred) along with the roads.
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    So here is another one. The roads are all unblurred as is all the text and labels. I upped the size of the City/Temple symbols (Dots) to make the more visible.

    I am trying an experiment with the rivers in a attempt to make them less dominate although they are still the same width. I've changed the color to match that of the Seas however I've reduced the opacity. Please note that the Sea color was added back but it doesn't have the texture it did in the first map. Also because this was a test I didn't make the land its tan nor did I touch up the trees that overlapped into the water. The Rivers also dead end into the coast because I didn't erase the coastline where the river and sea meet. Just trying to work out the color scheme for the rivers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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