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Thread: CWBP 2: Overview and Outline of Current Activity regarding the New Co-op Project

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    Holy smokes! Welcome back! It's been far too long since we've seen that mesmerizing avatar of yours.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midgardsormr View Post
    Holy smokes! Welcome back! It's been far too long since we've seen that mesmerizing avatar of yours.
    haha.. It's been a while, for sure. I took a break from the entire genre for a while, but the release of the new edition of d&d has sparked my interest again. I thought about snatching up a piece of this new world, but it's all looking a bit over-complicated for me with all the different weather maps and such. I've just never been interested in getting that technical with my maps. But I will certainly watch it with interest...

    Good to see you guys..


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    Hiya IG, long time.... I still have the old status thing on my sig but its not used any more. I think i'll be keeping up on the overall map this time again but I am not sure my free time will allow for much more. It was fun playing about in the strand.

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    I had a blast playing in the Strand. I wish we could have continued, but I was so burned out by that time.

    Good to see you!


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    The world is open for mapping!

    Quote Originally Posted by Falconius View Post

    Get your plot here:

    For in depth information on the world maps check this thread:

    For a general repository of world maps this is the thread here:
    For more general information regarding our world:

    We have a thread detailing our general "technological" time period. (It roughly equates to late medieval / early renaissance.)

    A discussion of the role of magic in our world. (generally seen as mid magic, with some elements of low magic thrown in)

    And a thread here describing and discussing our solar system.

    For our current Wiki go here

    We are close to having a final form of the operating license regarding this project. Please feel free to come in and look over what we have and see if you might have suggestions.
    A link to our discussion about the licensing of the project.

    We request that you try to endeavour to keep things submitted to the CWBP 2 separate from your other private projects, as they could also be subject to this license if they share material included in the CWPB 2 project.

    Think carefully if you submit something to the project, as it will then be hard to take back, at the very least in the ethical sense.

    Here is a link to our copyright members: CWBP2 Wiki


    IF you'd like to join this project, it's really easy, just jump in on the conversations with the "CWBP 2" tags and start throwing your ideas around. As the project moves forward things will necessarily follow some sort of formula in terms of participation, but we aren't there yet.


    (this post is in no way determinative, just here to organize whats going on and to provide an overview. It will be edited as the project develops and further suggestions. I am in no way an organized person and outlines aren't my thing, so I apologize if it just makes things more confusing :p.)

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