Good morning to everyone. What a neat website, with what appears to be very nice and very knowledgeable people. I am a Game Master and aspiring fantasy/sci-fi author, and I am looking into the utilization of software to make some maps for my Pathfinder game (world map, battle maps, etc.). I have downloaded GIMP, and have been reading through the online manual. Pretty complicated!

In the past, I have hand drawn my maps for my RPGs, but I have been watching some youtube video tutorials to try and get a feel for the "best" software to utilize. I initially chose GIMP due to my understanding that it is powerful (with a high learning curve). I will search for them (tips, that is) myself on the forums here as well, but any tips on good tutorials (preferably youtube, but not essential) and/or general advice for a total newb who is not super computer/graphics literate would be most appreciated. It looks like Photoshop is the most utilized program, per the poll. Can you make battlemaps on Photoshop as well? I assume you can, but I have not seen any yet.

In any event, Happy Holidays, and I look forward to interacting with you all and learning a lot from you. Take care.