I have been playing around for the last couple of weeks and learning different methods and functions of GIMP. I have seen a lot of good information roll through and I have tried to take advice and inspiration from all of the threads and tutorials I come across.

Here is something I have been playing with. It is still very much a work in progress. I have bold plans to map out in VTT scale, each section of the map.

I am really learning the value of things like layer masks. With them I can contain the Drop Shadow to within the "carved out" part of the dungeon. Upon reflection, I like that better than the floating in space effect of indiscriminate drop shadows.

Some notes and self-critique;
1) No doors. That is always the toughest part for me because none of the ways I know how to make doors looks good. Any suggestions are welcome.

2) Some spots are really tight. Part of this is intentional and part of it is not. The hallway leading into the jail was unintentionally made too tight.

3) There is a solid wall below the Guest Apartments. It is intended to be a Secret Door.

4) Way into WIP territory. I plan on adding a long, narrow fountain to the center of the Market and draw in the bashed main gates at the Entrance.

5) The color scheme is rather deliberate. It is loud, but I hope that doesn't detract from the map.

Any suggestions, critiques, or comments are welcome. I can only learn more with the insight of those here on the boards.