I've been working on learning to map but my progress is slow and my need for the map is increasing. I don't have all of the details together yet, but I was wondering if I could get quotes for a map.

I'm looking for a professional looking, print quality, map. Estimated print size will be 6.5"x6.5" and the estimated area depicted will likely be about 500 miles from side to side.

The general style I'm looking for is computer-drawn. Examples of what I'm referring to include the work of Hapimeses and Butch of Zombie Nirvana. I'm particularly fond of recreating "pen and ink" techniques electronically. Such as the wood block lines Butch has used for water in his tutorials and stippling. Some of the other maps I'd like to do later might call for stippling or crosshatching. I don't need hand drawn town/city symbols. "Dots and stars," or some variation, are my general preference for marking settlements.

I'd want the right to freely distribute the image physically and electronically. I'd want the right, or option to purchase the right, to use the image commercially. I'd want exclusive commercial right to it's usage, but the artist would retain the right to display or sell it as a work of art. I'd retain the right to reproduce the image in full, or in part, on my own or through a commision with another artist.

Am I going about this right, or is my amateur showing? Is this even the best way to go about getting this done? If the price for this sort of thing turns out to be affordable for me, I could turn into a repeat customer. I have a number of city/town maps I'd like done in similar styles and possible some much simpler dungeon maps that I'm interested in having done if my own artistic talent doesn't start to return faster. Art isn't a bycicle and a decade without practice has left me sketchy. (pun!)