Sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my first language.
I am owner of a minecraft RPG server named Arcturus which is still under work. I'd be happy if someone donated his time to make a cartography of the main map of the server. If you do, I appreciate it a lot. Creators name will be credited/shown when ever the map is shown (for example: youtube video and server's website).

Map: http://arct.cf:4321
(you can switch to perspective mode by moving your mouse coursor to the right side of the map and clicking on that green cube)

Style: Anything RPG like made on a old paper. examples: imgur: the simple image sharer
(Do not include words)

Size: 1000x1000

Time: No limit.

Copyright: The artist will retain the copyright of the map.

Contact: This thread and artaelz@gmail.com

If you are not interested, may I please know the reason?