Designed this for Decembers Cartographers' Guild challenge, but will be putting it into use in my own 4e Campaign and pimping out the larger full sized 1"sq battlemap in a published adventure soon enough. The basic premise is that the old monastery has been buried under tons of earth, the only sign of it ever existing on the surface is the top level of the bell tower from the old cathedral at the monastery's center. The adventure begins with the group climbing in through one of the windows (Room 1) and making their way through the complex deeper underground. This map links to my large "Monastery of Tyr's" adventure map, a magical site caught between the real world and the abyss.

The features of the tower are 5 different levels the players can navigate through; after level 1 many of the walls have caved in, causing room collapses and blockages, so players can navigate around them, reaching rooms from upper and lower levels (though this map lacks the details of how players go about it, the published adventure will). The layers are an exact cross section when laid on top of each other for players making their way between the floors using the central opening, or collapsed floors that lead into below rooms.

Took a good month to design and I'm really happy with the final product so thought I would share.

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