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    Default Greetings

    Greetings, everyone. I am KagePen, the name is a Japanese pseudonym I use as a label. You may call me Kage (pronounce 'Ka' as in 'cut' and 'ge' as in 'ghetto.)
    Nice to meet you.

    My purpose for joining the community:
    I wish acquire basic skills and knowledge in drafting (by hand) classic maps. Although I have limited experience in this skill, I believe it to be a way to bringing a 'world' to life.

    A bit about me:
    I'm an amateur artist in a style of drawing comics know as 'Manga'. I write my own stories, too. Other than that, among some of the things I enjoy are French music(classical, nouveau chanson, jazz, etc.), suits, libraries, Japanese pop(artist's like Chara and Utada Hikaru), philosophy, animals and more.

    Things I don't like:
    Politicians, World government, spiders, poverty, African politians and presidents, racism, alcohol(only personally, I don't mind others enjoying it), stubborn art teachers, etc.
    I hope I get along with everyone:

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    Well I realize this is a week late, but Welcome to the Guild! You have come to the right place to pick up and refine your skills at hand drawn maps. I know of a few tutorials on this topic here: Hand Drawn Mapping for the Artistically Challenged, Assorted Tips and Tricks, A Hand Drawn Primer, Tutorial & Guide for Hand-Drawn Maps, Drawing Hand Drawn Maps in Gimp, Step by Step Tutorials. Best wishes on your new quest.


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    That's a cool pseudonym, Shadow writer. I also am making a manga style comic, and came here for advice on my map. Everyone here is very helpful and will be sure to give you good advice too.
    P.S. What kind of manga do you like?
    Welcome to the guild Kage.

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