Greetings Guilders, to kick off the new year this month's challenge is to make a map (or series of maps) to be used as part of a game. The map could come in the form of a static game board, or as part of a modular game board (e.g. as hexes or cards). How you choose to present the map is entirely up to you. However, all entries should include the following:

  • A quick description or summary of how the game is played;
  • A visual representation of other elements of your game (e.g. cards, pieces, tokens etc).

As always, please include the following in your entry threads:

Title each new thread January 2014 Entry - <your title>

Precede each WIP image with the tag ### Latest WIP ###.

The challenge will end on or around the first of February, and the winner will receive a golden compass, an enviable accolade here at the Guild.