Hello, everyone. I would like to present to you Rainfall Isle.

I have created many maps in the past, however not to this extent I do not think. Rainfall Isle, the Lonely Archipelago, is a small island on my fictional world of Omniteras,which I have made purely for the fun and practice of cartography and to try to tax my geographical knowledge. The inspiration for Rainfall Isle comes from the British Isles, with its more heavily forested south and mountainous north. The climate would be very similar to the British Isles, and largely the Isle consists of temperate forest regions in the south, tundra/mountains in the north and wetland or bog in the midlands. The mountains, I imagine, are very much higher than in Scotland, with the focal point being the crown of mountains that encircle a great loch. Also a very long river cuts through the north to the and spills out into the rifts of the midlands. The concept behind the midland region of the Isle, although I am not using this map as a representation of a fictional world, could be that the rifts in the midlands would act as a catalyst for a political south-north divide. There are only two narrow land bridges to travel across if any theoretical inhabitants wanted to get to the south to the north and vice versa. The south is very much like England, although the main range of hills are higher than those found in the Peak District, I imagine. This is an imaginary world, after all, so the landscape might as well be scaled up.

I enjoyed making this map very much. There's something very thrilling about terraforming digitally, carving out all the river, plotting all the islands and placing in all the other little details by hand. Indeed, most of this was done by hand. I spent about three days working on this, and I am very proud of all the detail that went into this. I had recorded an in depth video that was more than ten minutes in length, but decided against it as that was too long. I have instead produced a small video that shows some of the stages that went into making the map.

Also, I should mention I have left out place names as I do not really believe in using fantasy names because I am not a linguist. I do not believe one should use fantasy names if they are not a linguist because all they are really doing is essentially hitting the keyboard to come up with a name for a region or town which subtracts from the realism and authenticity. I used to create fantasy maps, but this map is based off the British Isles and so to will future maps be based off other countries.

Rainfall Isle, the Lonely Archipelago: (Click for full size image)

Making Rainfall Isle: (view on fullscreen, 1080p)