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Thread: Dedicated Cartographer Wanted - Steampunk RPG Encounter & Setting Maps

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    Default Dedicated Cartographer Wanted - Steampunk RPG Encounter & Setting Maps

    Good day to you,

    My name is Daniel Burrow and I run Cracked Monocle, creators of Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. Please feel free to investigate us at Home | Cracked Monocle. We are a growing company expecting to release a slew of steampunk RPG products this year, of which, most are adventures.

    As adventurers often request, we desire maps. Up until now (and for the foreseeable future, if you don''t apply), I and my marketing director have been handling the maps ourselves. While we enjoy doing so, our time is limited. I have to manage our development team, he has to manage our customers and events... it's just too much! So I want to start paying somebody else to do maps. That's where you make your entrance.

    We are looking for a person to join our team long-term as the resident cartographer and develop a style for our company's maps. I've done computer-generated maps for a while, but I am not dedicated to that style. We're steampunk, so if you want to do hand-drawn maps, that'd be great. If you want to do grandiose and elaborate gear-riddled maps, more power to you. Most of these maps will be encounter maps - that is, they will be small in area and gridded. Examples include: the bottom floor of an old clocktower, the galley in an airship, or the caboose of a train.

    Our team has a dedicated artist and colorist, so you will have resources at your disposal to make your maps really pop out as needed.

    REIMBURSEMENT: I am offering $20-30 per map, roughly. I expect that you will develop some tools in order to make these maps quickly. At our current rate, I would expect 5-10 maps per month. We will also consider larger setting maps (such as nations and continents), if you are interested. These will come with a significantly increased payment range.

    RIGHTS: All work for Cracked Monocle is done as work-for-hire. Cracked Monocle owns Tephra and the rights to all items produced for Tephra. We allow open portfolio work and would likely endorse you to find other uses for your work, with our permission. If these rights are a deal-breaker, please let us know what you would like and we can consider renegotiations.

    CONTACT ME: You can do whatever you'd like - respond here, email me (, or send me a private message on these forums.

    IN CLOSING: Cracked Monocle has been very lucky so far in finding great people who are dedicated to seeing the company grow. You might be that person. If you want to join a group of awesome people, see a project grow, and be part of something amazing, I encourage you to apply.

    Cheers & Gears,
    Daniel "Jharviss" Burrow

    Director of Cracked Monocle Studios,

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    Email sent last week is this request still pending?

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