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    Been lurkin here for a while using up all those good tutorials and brushes, finally got to creating some good looking map stuffs. Recently started playing Pathfinder so I figured i would contribute to my group by mapping out our campaign continent!

    Using Chuck's excellent tutorial with difference clouds and his brushes I was able to whip this up

    might do a second "traveler's" version that uses some more artistic brushes such as the LOTR map packs out there for the players. Still gotta do the overlays for locations and towns/roads but I'm pretty happy with how easy it was to come up with something like this using all the superb tutorials.

    Although I am looking for, and can't find, a tutorial that would show how to make larger river passages to better match what Wilbur was creating, then have the smaller rivers (like i currently have in my map) branch off to create more wild river systems.
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