Hey there guys. Another month, another entry. So this time, with game mechanics in mind I started thinking about the theme. My first idea was for a Goblin Exodus games, but I couldn´t figure out how to do it. My next idea was a Merchant Game, where the player travels through the realm searching for different products. After talking to Sk, he pointed me to another direction, a game where the players work for a merchant and must travel the world searching for rare stuff, this time with many players playing. All those ideas were good in my mind, but when I tried put them into paper, well let´s say it sucked.

Last week, I started playing XCOM Enemy Within, and inside the game, there´s a feature where the player must search for the enemy base around the world. To find it, I had to complete various missions, where after succeding in each one, I got a piece of clue about the base location. Clues like ´´The base is west of the Atlantic Ocean´´ or ´´The base is not in Afric´´, and etc. I found this mechanic very cool, and started developing an idea behind it.

Thats how Treasures of Lohan was born. The game is built for 2-4 players, where each one at the beginning of the game, must hide the treasure in the board, and the player must find it through several clues (following the same idea as XCOM). The first player to it´s hidden treasure wins!

I´ll post the rules in the future, they are still being made, but here´s an initial draft of my map. Hope you like it (least to say inspired by -Max- saturated maps, I hope you don´t mind, I love your style!)

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