Okay, based on some very good advice I'm trying to get the technical aspects of my map down before I get into really .... drawing it...

(And I'm trying to start on a somewhat smaller scale... a continent instead of a planet, lol)

So... I turned off my shoved all my artistic instincts into a dark box, locked it in a safe, threw it down a well, sealed the well, and sat on it.

So this isn't pretty.

But... I will make it pretty. First, though, I need to know if it makes *sense* to have things in the (general) areas in this ... whatever this is.

I would REALLY appreciate some help. And I have no feelings, (no, really, I don't) so don't worry about hurting them. I'd just like, if you don't mind, any harsh criticism, careful critiques, gut-feelings... whatever you've got, if you would, so I can fix what's wrong, before prettifying it.

Thanks so much!!

Oh, yeah, here's the map-to-be-in-training-thingummy-what:

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