Iím asking you to make one world map (better three maps with one continent in each). I will give you all labels, shape of the continent what i have in my mind and something like that. Thatís for my fantasy novel trilogy that iím slowly writing. For the time being, I will use it only for writing purposes Ė to better understand world, where are characters going. For me, itís easier to understand with map. If in the future (after few years, more than 2y) publishers accept my book for publishing, and I decide to publish with your map, then Iíll tell you and we can arrange payment for your job.
Oh, and Iím Latvian and I write in Latvian. (Iím young writer)
This will be map of three continents and lots of islands. One continent is bit smaller than Westeros of Georgeís R.R. Martinís A Song of Ice and Fire (maybe land without Dorne and Beyond the Wall), and other two continents together are like half of Essos (Free cities and maybe Dothraki Sea too). These measurements are quite unaccurate, and for now - the scale isnít so important.

I would like to see something like this: http://fantasy-faction.com/wp-conten...steros-Map.jpg
Or this: http://blog.lefigaro.fr/hightech/middle-earth-map.jpg (if itís enough detailed_

Quality & size:

Professional would be perfect, but Iím open to all variants while theyíre enough good to me.
Required for print.
I donít know how big it should be because I donít work with maps and I have no idea how big it should be so you can send me various map sizes. You know better.
Raster/Vector... I don't know what's better.

Time Constraints:
I donít have any deadlines but Iím writing all the time so if anybody can do it fast AND quality then I would be happy.

I am allowed to send it to other people, to make my own changes if itís need to them (but probably I would contact cartographer who made that). Iím not allowed to publish it somewhere without authors permission and Iím not allowed to use it for commercial purposes without artists permission and paying to him (or her).
Cartographerís allowed to exhibit it in portfolio, but isnít allowed to publish it somewhere else without my permission (because itís my world etc.). If book with maps is published or Iím published it myself, then cartographer is allowed to post published maps everywhere he wants. Not for commercial purposes.

Feel free to ask any questions and sorry if anywhere is some English mistakes, itís not my mother tongue.
If youíre interested, then write me and Iíll send you bigger description with my own sketches.

Contacts: ernestscc at gmail.com

Maybe my requirements are too high, i don't know. I'm beginner at these things.
Please, it means me a lot.