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Thread: synaesthesia - There's a contest in here somewhere

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    Default synaesthesia - There's a contest in here somewhere

    An interesting condition but this guy actually mapped out his city based on it.

    Amazing, and I'm sure there's a monthly challenge in the concept somewhere:

    BBC News - The man who can taste the Tube map
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    I've already heard of that condition but never with taste.

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    I have synaesthesia, and I approve this message.

    I want to point out that there are many forms of synaesthesia, (ANY two senses can be associated, including taste or smell). It could even encompass a different type of association. Number-form synaesthesia can cause you to perceive a point in time as "far" or "near" (I was actually thinking a time-line map would be amazing ) or to associate an amount as a time, or... well, as I said there are many forms.

    While I think a taste map would be a fabulous idea for a contest, I think it would be even better to include other variations in this vein. I'm sure there would be some wildly creative entries!

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