So. A really long time ago, back when I had hair on my head and both of my eyes, I posted a method for mapping an icosahedral map of the sort that RPGs like Traveller are so enamored of to a sphere in a 3d app.

Even back in those days of hoary antiquity I was looking for a means to map that surface onto an equirectangular map(plate carée or latlong for the technical). Given the prevalence of apps like G.Projector and Flex Projector, both of which require equirectangular maps as input, this was very desirable. Even the Flexify filter, with its many available input projections, chokes on interrupted projections on input.

At long last I may have found the means. Maybe.

Looking at the Wikipedia, I found this page on Tissot Indicatrices. Included on that page was the povray source code used to generate the templates. I puzzled at this, then I realized the magic of the spherical camera.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to export a uv-mapped object to povray. Wings3D exports to povray, but the uv-mapping seems to be lost.

Are there any less antique programs(you know, the kind that can import Wavefront .obj objects, for example) that can do this spherical camera thing? Freely available? For the mac?