Hi guys! I have been writing a novel and I wanted to create a map of the portion of the world it is based in. I drew a crappy version in MS Paint, double sized it, redid the coasts and added islands and lakes, and then followed Diamond's Smooth Coastlines and Concentric Coasts tutorial to make the coastal rings. After that, I overlaid a political map (and managed to make it thirty times harder than it had to be) and used the stroke tool to draw the borders.

Finally I dropped the names down and used the select, inverse, expand method of doing things that I learned in the tutorial to create a nice white backdrop.

I hope you guys like the map! I would appreciate criticism for when I do the next continent in the world.

Click image for larger version. 

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And here is where I've been dumping backstory on my novel if anyone is interested in learning of some of the countries: A Land of Wind and Ash