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    Default Hi fellow cartographers

    Well let me put it this way. As a USAF Security Specialist in the 80's we did a little land nav in the desert of Nevada. I was really tired after the guy leading the short hike, took us about 5 miles off course because he forgot to look up once in a while and "see" where we were going instead of just following his compass heading. (M-16A1's may have plastic stock and grips but that much metal still throws off a magnetic compass if held too close) The saddest part was that I made up the entire hike by using easy to recognize land marks to orient yourself to so all we really needed to maintain was pace count. Man that was one long dry hot day in the training areas outside Las Vegas.

    I have been hooked on all types of maps since learning orienteering in Boy Scouts. Even my friends and some co-workers know that a cheap gift is an old or unusual map. ( manager once bought me a National Geographic Map set )

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    I sucked orienteering as a wee scout. Kinda ironic really. Anyway welcome to the Guild Kgarnes, there are maps here a plenty to wet your appetite. Feel free to show off anything you've been working on or if you have any questions to let us know, we are a friendly community.


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