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Thread: WIP - Unnamed fantasy world with realistic concerns

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    Wip WIP - Unnamed fantasy world with realistic concerns

    Okay. Been doing some maps for settings for years (like 10 or more) but never really sought to perfect the craft. Some scribbles on a page or a quickly drawn up GIMP image was all I ever went for. Recently, I decided that this just won't do. Why have crappy maps when I can put in some hours and actually get something that is worth showing off to people/publishing? So here we go.

    This image is just a quick Inkscape doodle with some fractalized paths to get the gist of my layout. This world is meant to be extremely earth-like in its climate, and does obey the laws of science (physics, geology, biology, etc), so I tried to make shapes that could vaguely fit together Pangaea-like. I also tried to maintain the rather important frozen over polar cap, because as I understand it, Antarctica is very pivotal in the maintenance of our climate. I think the land mass is just a little less than that of earth (maybe 80% water or so) so I may need to add another continent or change up one for size.

    Anyway, here it is, please give feedback (and I prefer honest, even harsh critique, as its much easier to learn from that than from trying to discern the issue from a left handed compliment).

    Again, right now I'm trying to nail down the geology of the map (plate tectonics and all that) so that is the primary concern. The other big concern would be am I close to 70% water? Lastly, would the climate be similar (ocean currents and all that jazz).
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