Hey everyone!
I am an aspiring cartographer. I don't really know why I like to make maps; I just like to do it.
I've made maps since I was about seven, starting with things like battle maps for snowball fights, or a map of my neighborhood. Most of these were hand-drawn. But I've just started getting interested in digitally created maps.

I'm not currently involved in any RPGs, nor am I writing any sort of story. So until I have some reason to map something specific, most of my maps will serve no purpose (i.e. will not depict any "significant" area, fantasy or otherwise). I want to experiment with different styles, see how well they come out, and generally increase my skills along the way.

My software of choice is the GIMP, mainly because of its extensibility; as a programmer, I appreciate the usefulness of its script-fu. I also favor Inkscape for vector work (though I could use Photoshop/Illustrator if I really needed to). I have a Wacom tablet which I mostly use for sketching, but it will probably be useful for cartography as well.

So...yeah. That's who I am; now I'd better start making some maps.