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    Default hello

    just got a copy of towns and it inspired me

    my work:

    ill try to supply a few pictures but since they must come from a site rather than upload ill give links instead

    my dungeon maker: (rather dated version with pics)

    Entidad 3D

    A tutorial (more pics):

    Tutorial 'Entidad 3D'

    some download links (Dungeon Maker)
    edit- this points to this:
    Dungeons and Dragons Tools and DM Resources
    the direct ftp link

    for you older people ... my text adventure this is kind of amazing circa 1975 and still going
    Gaming After 40: August 2011
    a full walkthru... i never wrote one i do have a map perhaps softside included the map in the package...
    i did that for trs80 softside moded it for apple II and C64
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