Hi all,

just dropping a quick Hello! before jumping in to the rest of the forum...
I guess I am an enthusiast for maps and imagined realities - otherwise I wouldn't be writing this... I guess. And I've been so ever since a young teen.

I have been lurking this site for a while, since I decided to revive a full-on imagined world I kept with some friends over 20 yrs ago. Lost all drawings, history notes, geography maps, etc. But!... The map never really left my mind and I am on a "quest" to make it detailed again (and more precise, and scientifically accurate)

I'll post a WIP right next with the present state of affairs, so, that's that for now.

Oh... I love history, geography, geology, climatology and have scientific training. I'll try to help around in what I can and refraining from being mr. know-it-all at the same time.