Just playing around, something to do in between real work. Wanting to try some experiments. I'm not sure where this belongs in the WIP forum - it's not really a structure, its a chamber containing a laboratory, so I opted to put it in battlemaps, for lack of better category to place it. This is all done in Xara Designer Pro 9 (vector drawing app), there's heavy use of bevels as in all my maps, but also some 3D extrude - another feature of Xara I seldom use.

This will be a wizard's laboratory for constructing an iron golem. I've decided to create a bit of a wahoo comic like look to this iron golem, and similar wahoo styling for the rest of the map. Yesterday, I created the iron golem and posted it in the Map Symbols forum, but here it is with a little more work - I'm pacing this slow, as I am busy with things I have to do, so only a few minutes here and there to work on the map.

I eventually plan to include a small smithy, work bench, tools, an arcane tome for constructing golems, and other things as I think them up.

Below I've created a power system of a large battery with cables attached to back of golem, and an adjoining water-filled tank of electric eels. Moving right along.


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