I'm going to be running a Fate Accelerated campaign via the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Fate doesn't need to use battlemaps, and since I'm running in Eberron, regional maps are done for me. However, I'm aware that I may sometimes want to be able to make small sketch maps of areas - a street, a village, whatever the point of interest is. I am trying to figure out what the best way of sketching such maps would be on the computer. If this were a tabletop game, I would use a nice gridded flipmat and some marker pens, and do a semi-decent job.

What would be the most aesthetically pleasing tool or tools to use on the computer to create maps to the same end? (They don't need to be "live" - I can draw, then save, then drop into FG.) I have a graphics tablet for the purpose of inputting pen strokes. Could anyone recommend a good piece of software and/or tools/brushes within that software for rapid mapping of this sort? I'd be very happy with something that looked abstract (e.g. like pen strokes on parchment). I just want to avoid "mouse + MS Paint" syndrome!

Many thanks for any help or assistance!