In the parallel world of Altraterra, the research on ether or quintessence is strictly prohibited by the Inquisition, not only for religious reasons: the control of this substance gives powers that can subvert the hierarchies of the world.
Persecuted in their homelands because of heretical ideas on the energies that govern the world, many alchemists and esoterists fled to a land they called Ouroboria, in honor of the Ouroboros, the eternal return, archetypical beast and alchemical and esoteric symbol.
Now, in the major universities of Ouroboria, the studies on the four elements, leading to the a better understanding and realization of the quintessence, are at an advanced stage.
But The Holy Inquisition and the pious nations are organizing, to deal a decisive blow to this land, before scholars of alchemical and esoteric universities could reach significant results.
Alchemists, esoterists, the children of the Ouroboros, are going to face, again, harsh times and are preparing for the final war.

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