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Thread: Hello and greetings fair citizens

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    Default Hello and greetings fair citizens

    I've been lurking for the past few days, so I wanted to introduce myself. Hi. I'm not very good at introductions...

    Umm, I suppose my main field is programming. I've been doing that a long time. I've been getting into iOS development lately. That's fun.

    I'm a bit of real life bard in some regard. I do a lot of things, but I'm not great at anything in particular. So I am an amateur writer, musician, artist, etc. I guess there are just so many interesting things in life, I have a hard time devoting myself to just one thing.

    So, I started playing D&D when I was a wee tyke (I unearthed my dad's original red box from the 70s). The rest is history. I've been creating campaigns (and playing in them) ever since. Of course, I always need to make maps. I use to draw maps by hand. I wasn't too concerned with how they looked. I was always naturally eager to draw, but NOT naturally talented. I've never really taken a formal art class before. I just read what people write up on the internet. Thanks for the tutorials by the way!!!!!

    I've played other games too: Shadowrun, GURPS, World of Darkness. Some card games as well (mostly Magic). Now that a friend of mine is running a new D&D campaign though, I've gotten the bug to start building a world of my own! I LOVE world building. I truly wish I was a more talented artist. That's partially why I'm here--to get better.

    Oh and uh.... my avatar... that was suppose to be a goblin, but it wasn't turning out how I wanted it to, so I mutated it into a Far Realms, floating head, tentacle monster.

    Anyways... nice to meet you all.

    - Xeonicus

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    Welcome to the Guild! I can relate with you about not having natural artistic talent, I can draw better than stick figures but I can't do anything that would be considered good. I also have a hard time devoting myself to just one thing I'm 'good' at a lot of things but I'm not 'great' at much. I have to put in the hard work and learn from the best to become good but thankfully this is a nice place to learn from the best! I'm sure you will learn a lot here just like I have!

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    Welcome to the Guild, the Mappiest Place on Earth!

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    As you can see, everyone here is very silly

    I hope you have fun and make some good maps!

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