Hi All,

I have been working on my first map and would be grateful for some feedback. It is for a high fantasy world - a floating continent about the size of Europe surrounded by empty void, with the sun rising through the middle of the world and magically replenished oceans cascading off the edge. Various historical empires have been magically imported to this world alongside the usual elves, dwarves and orcs, with the Romans the dominant force (explaining the cod latin names). So far I've been testing various techniques with GIMP and have produced a sample for a small corner of the world:

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The idea is to do the entire map to this sort of level of detail. It is meant to be a big (poster sized) map cluttered with lots of details in the style of medieval maps, although I can see I'll need to make the text a lot bigger for continents and oceans to make them stand out. I'd be grateful of any comments, suggestions and advice before I start work on the rest of the map.


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