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Thread: Bluestone Mansion - No idea what to put

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    Wip Bluestone Mansion - No idea what to put

    For the next D&D adventure I am running I am making a mansion. I would like it to have 3 floors, a basement is going to be just one big room (Probably) and first and second floor. I started doing it but I have no idea what rooms it should have and the sizes of the rooms.

    A quick and dirty history of Bluestone Mansion

    Bluestone Mansion is just outside of the town of Bluestone and has been abandoned for many years. It is believed to be haunted.

    Though not known except to members of the Royal family and a few select supporters and advisers Bluestone Mansion was once a Royal retreat and safe zone incase of attack. A magic ammulet given to members of the Royal Family and those same select few can teleport them instantly to the basement of this mansion which is about 100 miles from the capital city.

    I am doing the map in CC3 and is currently 400' wide by 240' not including two sections in the front of the mansion which is designed for guards. So what rooms should be on the first and second floor of this mansion, and about what size should they be? I can also make the mansion smaller if need be (I could make it bigger but I would prefer not)
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    Some ideas for rooms:
    • library
      smoking room
      dining hall
      ancestors gallery
      servant's room
      store room
      guest room
      map room
      writing room
      guard's room
      entrance hall
      wine cellar
      trophy room
      mirror room
      alchemist's laboratory

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    Things it will need as a medieval place:

    Cistern (A tank, usually on the roof to collect rain water, and provied rudimentery running water)

    Solarium (A room with ample lighting, often where the lord/lady slept)

    Conservatory (Music Room)
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