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Thread: [Award Winner] Bitmapped Images - The technical side of things explained.

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    Post [Award Winner] Bitmapped Images - The technical side of things explained.

    This tutorial is going talk about some technical aspects of bitmapped images which keep coming up as things to point out. Bitmapped images are made up of a rectangle of pixels or dots and contrast with the vector images which are made up of mathematical shapes like lines, polygons, ellipses and so on. Eventually even the vector images are viewed by conversion to an array of dots as all but the smallest fraction are displayed on regular PC monitors which are in themselves rectangular arrays of dots.

    This tutorial is not going to dwell on file formats, compression of images and so on, this is the bit about images that is going on inside the RAM of the computer as part of the drawing application whilst your working on them.

    I should also mention that many of the effects are quite small but significant so you may need to view the attached images at full size or even zoomed in. To view full size, click on them to get the black bordered 'light box' of vbulletin and then click again. If your cursor shows that you can magnify it with a + sign in it then use it and use scroll bars to pan.
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