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    Hi members of the guild,

    I'm working in general business administration, fighting with political folks to make things done for general issues, no electoral ones. I've been doing it in the middle of poor suburbs where needs are huge and money scarce. I feel i'm ready for a change.

    I'm also a genealogist, thrilled by foreign languages, who has created 7 NGOs in typography, art books, forensic analysis and art therapy in hospitals to work on Alzheimer's symptoms.

    I'd like to give people a compass connected with the passions of their 8 years old time. I want it fun, artistic & refreshing to value past experience and open outlooks. Genealogy & storytelleing are my current tools; cartography is the ultimate tool i'm looking for. My first step would be a 4 page booklet for ex-soldiers committed to overseas operations, in order to value personal memory, artistic map and outlooks for a comeback in civil life.

    I want to change the look on genealogic data, from regular conservatism, bitterness and nostalgy into therapeutic words, piece of art and self improvement.

    Hope to share that with you.

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    Sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing your work.

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