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    I am still working on the default setting for Novus, call Tyrlon. And as part of this setting, the colonists have settled the tip of a peninsula that is separated from the main of the island by a small range of mountains (you can see the fantastic map drawn by Robert Altbauer here --> Tyrlon Map « Firehawk Games <--). There is even an early political map on the bottom of the page

    One of the main premises of this setting is exploration, as such, the "powers that be" have established a fortified town on the outside of that mountain range. Since this will be the jumping off point for most of the imagined adventures (and of course, I will obviously be wrong about this, but oh well), I figured it would be a good idea to have the town detailed properly

    Basically, I am looking for a small, walled town (of about 200-300 people at most) Actually, I am envision something along the lines of Hadrian's Wall (though nowhere near as large) surrounding enough area to encompass farmland and pastures as well (since the rest of the island is filled with monsters of various types), with the river going by on one side of the town, and the mountains behind the town (how far depending upon final details to be discussed with the artist selected). The town itself would be up near the wall, since that is where the gates (and the garrison) are located.

    The following image shows the rough location of the town. I have added where I expect the wall to be and where the pass through the mountains is and marked an x upon the map for the location of the town. There is even a bit of the milage scale to show the size of the entire area....
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am wanting a black & white image, 300 dpi using the same basic style found in the following image --> Photo 3 of 8 from My stuff <-- final map MUST use this same basic style

    The final map should take no more than 1/2 to 3/4 of a page.

    I am still far from finished with the setting book, but I would like to have the map complete within a couple of months, and I would expect there to be a bit of back and forth between myself and the artist as we get the final details taken care of (yes, I would be wanting rough drafts to get things settled before a final version is done).

    The artist would retain full copyright, but would be granting me the right to use the final art in any rpg product(s), including display on company website (excluding art/map compilations).

    My budget is limited. I am offering $50 , but am willing to negotiate a little bit. Payment would be contracted to be made no later than 30 days after publication, but I would expect to be making much sooner than that (since publication is at least half a year, possibly further, off), as sales of other products made the funds available. Payment to be made through paypal.

    Contact Details:
    I can be reached
    tim at firehawkgames dot com
    tim at wizlair dot net

    Additional Notes:
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    I contacted you.

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    Yes, and so has at least one other person. I am planning on waiting a couple of days before making a decision.

    And one person who emailed asked if the image of the small area I showed was supposed to be all village and the answer is no. The wall is basically where I showed that I wanted it to be. The village should be right beside the wall and the river, but should only take up the amount of space that it should normally take up, with the rest being open land (allowing for farming and pastures, and future expansion).

    The picture is meant to show orientation, and general topography for that region, and to better illustrate my fumbling words...

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    I have been crunching some numbers regarding the size of this small town (which is nestled near the wall, not an actual walled town), and the garrison needed to man the towers along this 7 mile long wall (8 towers in total), is going to be 400 men (I am figuring half a platoon per tower, swapped out every couple of weeks, that is a full company on the wall, with a second company in reserve/manning the gates, plus ancillary headquarters troops).

    And figuring in the sort of "town-based" support such a troop (not to mention travelers/adventurers would need, and the town is now about 1000 permanent inhabitants (well, about 850 since about half the garrison is on the wall at any given time)...

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    Map commissioned -- offer closed

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