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Thread: CWBP 2 Template Thread - Rulers, Countries & Civilizations

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    Default CWBP 2 Template Thread - Rulers, Countries & Civilizations

    As suggested by Falconius, we could place some of our history and backstory information for the world here and let that guide the further discussions on the genre.

    I'll try to keep this first post updated by contributor name and links to their post with the appropriate title. I'll be posting something myself shortly.

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    The Tesseti - These island people occupy the Mantillian archipelago on the southeastern end of the world's main continent. It is a warm, comfortable place to live with few natural dangers and a population of roughly 2,680,000. In all, these people live in some capacity on at least 50 of the archipelago's 74 known islands. Though most of these islands are small and support only fishing villages or farming communities, there are three islands of moderate size that support what could be considered a large town or a small city, and then the primary island, which supports a small majority of the population. The primary island is the central focal point for all trade in the archipelago, and all goods coming or going long distance through the islands stop at the docks in Thesia to trade or resupply. The islands primary exports are oils, wines, cured fish, ropes, and sailing equipment. Politically, the entire archipelago falls under the control of Prince Antillos Thesietti. Originally a family of merchants, they founded the city of Thesia as a trading port and brought the bickering islands together through the power of coin whenever possible, and used that same power to crush any opposition that could not be made to surrender diplomatically. But, with money comes jealousy, and The Tesseti have not been surrounded by the friendliest of neighbors most of the time. Their disputes have ensured the Tesseti people have become renowned as excellent sailors and capable warriors with the bow and hand ax, both utilitarian tools well adapted to both ranged and close quarters combat at sea.

    The Tesseti feelings toward their immediate neighbors.
    Dohash - Desert dwelling bandits and raiders to the last. Don't trust them, don't trade with them, just tell them to take their trinkets, put away the knife they want to stab you with, and keep moving. It's a shame they inhabit a land so rich with natural resources. Were it any other people, they'd be a prime trading prospect.
    Paraxi - A strong and healthy people with all the makings of a proud kingdom. It's a shame they're ruled by such a brutish line of uneducated warmongers. If someone intelligent were in charge they might actually be able to make something of their otherwise ideal position. For the moment, they are overtaxed, overworked, exhausted from war, and too tired to do anything about the squalor they live in.
    Bargenswood Elves - They have an overabundance of spices and forest goods, particularly lumber for ship building, and we can bring them things from across the seas that they're too pre-occupied with the Paraxi to go and get themselves. This is a profitable relationship.

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    I would propose using a fixed and structured template for the descriptions.
    Something along the lines of this:

    Name: Tesseti
    Location: Mantillian Archipelago
    Government: Feudal Kingdom
    Current ruler: Prince Antillos Thesietti
    Imports: ...
    Exports: oils, wines,...
    Race: human (90%?), elven (8%?), others (2%?)
    Capitol city: Thesia
    Population: 2,680,000 (20% urban. 80% rural?)
    Coinage: ...
    Religions: ...
    Technological advancements: ocean travelling with sail-ships, looming, metalworking, etc.

    This would allow the data to be used as source for automation scripts in the later date.

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    You've got it!

    Civilization: Tesseti
    Geographical Location: Mantillian Archipelago
    Government Type: Despotism
    Government Name: Principality of Mantillia
    Current Ruler: Prince Antillos Thessieti
    Capitol City: Thesia (Large City)
    Additional Large Cities: 0
    Additional Small Cities: 4
    Economic Basis: Trade
    Economic Standing: Wealthy
    Major Imports: Iron, Lumber
    Major Exports: Oils, Wine, Fish, Rope, Naval Equipment
    Profitable Transit Goods: Spices, Coal, Sugar
    Population: 2,680,000
    Demographics: 87% Tesseti Human, 6% Tesseti Elven, 4% Tesseti Mixed Race, 2% Skilled Foreign Labor & Sailers, 1% Paraxi Refugees
    Coinage: Mantillian Promise (A Promise is 1/200th of a Mantillian Deal. A Mantillian Deal is the amount of gold that will balance against a standard Mantillian Urn filled to the cusp with seawater.)
    Religions: Pantheon of Three Eternals (Worships gods of light, the sea, and the dark.)
    Technological Advancements: Ocean Worthy Ship Building, Navigation, Astronomy, Carpentry, Textiles, Metalworking (all naval equipment related)
    Neighboring Civilizations & Relations: Dohash (Hostile), Paraxi (Neutral, Trading), Bargenswood Elves (Friendly, Trading)
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    Civilization: Dohash
    Geographical Location: The Dry Sea (Aram Mur Desert)
    Government Type: Tribal Confederation
    Government Name: Dohash Tribes
    Current Ruler: All-Chief Mulum Yalg
    Capital City: Sahisu
    Additional Large Cities: 0
    Additional Small Cities: 1
    Economic Basis: Mineral Resources
    Economic Standing: Poor
    Major Imports: Food, Cloth, Wine
    Major Exports: Iron, Salt, Incense
    Profitable Transit Goods: None
    Population: 740,000
    Demographics: 94% Dohash Humans, 6% Slave Population (Mixed Racial & Ethnic Composition)
    Coinage: Live Animals - Goats, Camels
    Religions: Duality of Sun God & Death God
    Technological Advancements: Astronomy, Land Navigation, Metalworking (Mining and Blacksmithing), Desert Architecture
    Neighboring Civilizations & Relations: Tesseti (Hostile), Paraxi (Neutral, Trading), (What lies to the west?)

    The Dohash live in the arid and unforgiving desert known as The Dry Sea, or Aram Mur in the Dohash tongue. The vast majority of the population lives in mobile, nomadic tent villages with low populations that tend to move along the coasts and the internal mountain range where food and water are available. The city of Sahisu stands in stark contrast to most Dohash society, and literally translates to "True Water". It is built a few miles inland from the coast within and around a canyon that straddles an underground river. Dohash politics are deeply entrenched in the power and wealth of the tribes. In times of peace, an All-Chief is chosen for life from among the chiefs of the most influential tribes. Defying the All-Chief is an act of war. Defeating the All-Chief and the ruling tribe bestows the winner carte blanche to act as the new All-Chief. Losing has seen entire tribes be eradicated and forgotten from the memory of the Dohash tribes. One other small city skirts the edge of the northern mountains and serves as a heavily populated mining center more than a true "city". The Dohash tribes make use of slave population and labor to extract ore from the mountains for trade, and the city amounts to little more than the Dohash tribes' collective slaves and the warriors that drive their labor. The Dohash are a warlike people prone to inter-tribal conflict who have long coveted the more hospitable lands to the east and north, but lack the power or the numbers to defeat their neighbors in outright warfare. And their neighbors have little interest in conquering the Dohash wasteland. For now, the status quo remains.
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    Is it just about the template ? or are these civs for the project ?

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    Civs for the project.

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    I just can't see this being a good idea when we don't even have a basic world map yet. My gut feeling is that it'll prove to be a lot of trouble trying to make all of this information match the world's geography and climate.

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    Only if people decide they'd rather rely on a pre-generated fractal world than actually create their own. Which, in my mind, eliminates the human element of creativity and just isn't as fun as actually being physically involved with the design. But even if that were to become the case, I fail to see the harm in developing a library of potential candidates for regional civilizations.

    When you assemble a jury you don't pick 10 people and then that's what you're stuck with, you draw on a substantially larger pool and widdle down the ones that don't fit your case until you have something you think you can make work in your favor.

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    I don't think anyone is talking about pre-generated fractal world... more that... there *is* no world yet. Everyone has to agree on the world (or at least a majority.) It's not gotten to that stage yet, so no one knows what *kind* of civilizations the world can support.

    So maybe none of these races will fit once the world is decided.

    It's not a matter of picking too few or too many jurors yet... You don't pick a jury *pool* at all until you at least have a case
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