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    Hello All,

    My name is Dave, but I like to use the name Dakius when I'm talking about D&D. The wife and I have been working on the world for our D&D campaign for along time. We have one continent fully named and drawn out. My wife main contribution to the world is the names. I try and do the artwork. Like I said we have it layed out with pencil. But to be able to add color and names on the map I wanted something better. So I bought CC Pro. I liked it a lot but was having troubles here and there, and I wanted the detail to look better the that so then I bought CC 3, which gave me all the things I wanted my map to look like. But just like CC Pro, I'm having some problems with things. One thing is I'm trying to make shields for the kingdoms but with CC 3 I can't find the templates for them. I also need to make some symbols based on the one that are in CC 3 but are having problems there also. The problem I have the most with all the different layer sheets add ons, mainly what does what and where to use them. I do have have the Tome of Ultimate Mapping but only for CC Pro. I hope these attachments work and show you ruffly how I attempt to make maps.
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    Hello. Welcome to the guild. I am new here as well. I've never really been on.

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    Hi Dakius, and welcome!

    I've never really used Campaign Cartographer, but is that your only tool? The tutorials here are really good and useful - for example, the kingdom shields could very well be made with the first tutorial in this thread by Arsheesh. I strongly advise you to try some of them out. And if you have a question you can't answer, there's always the How Do I??? subforum here.

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    Thanks for the advice, the shield styles shown there really blew my mine I like them alot. I will give them a try and who knows what I might be able to do. Thanks again

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    Welcome to the Guild Dakius! It's very cool to here that you and your wife get to share in this project. I wish you both all the best in it. I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with CC3 but I know that there are some tutorials here on the subject. My recommendation would be to check out the Tutorials in PDF Format sticky which lists tutorials by software. You should find some CC3 walk-throughs in there that might be of use. If you find that you can't accomplish everything that you desire with CC3 alone another option is to use a graphics program such as Photoshop or GIMP (which is free) to add these to the map. There are also lots of great tutorials here for both of these programs.


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    Welcome to the guild. If you are looking for shield templates look under the mapping elements forums. There are several in png format. If you have questions please ask.


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    Thank you both for the information to help me further my map techniques. I will enjoy trying them out and see what I can come up with I will try to post them here. Thanks again.

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    I have downloaded gimp with no problem. But when I download Inkscape nothing seems to work. Can't set height or width, even the tutorials or help works. I uninstalled it and re-downloaded still nothing works. Is there another website to download this or another program that works the same as Inkscape? Any help will be deeply appreciated ty.

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    Welcome to the Guild Dakius ( and your wife also ).

    I have not used any of the programs you mentioned, but this is a link to a bunch of shields posted on the DundJinni Forums in case you are interested:

    Dundjinni Mapping Software - Forums: Even more shields...

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