Title says it all...

On another thread I was talking about commission contracts, and realized that digital artists don't have the same costs as, say, landscape painters, or sculptors, or even sidewalk sketch artists.

I was wondering, how much, if any, that affects the pricing?

For landscapes, I take the cost of my time, and the costs of my supplies, and I don't factor in rights, USUALLY, in the same way.... except the right to exhibit/display the work in my portfolio... because, well, you sell a *painting*... it's an object.. they're probably going to sell it someday, or give it away, or something.

And for the privilege of displaying my work in a gallery, I'll practically *give* it away... well, not really, but I don't make much actual profit.

Now I know digital artists don't have the same supply costs, and there are different ways to worry about copyrights, and I don't really get the whole digital thing.

And cartography is a whole different art form. So I'm wondering... how does that affect pricing?

Anyone want to throw out some industry standards for me to compare?